September 19, 2008

Sefer Yom Lyom Shabbos

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1. What you put into Shabbos is what you get out of it.
2. It is beneficial to light many candles for Shabbos, especially with oil.
3. Try to cook at least one dish for Shabbos personally or to prepare the food in some way.
4. A person should study a lot of Torah on Shabbos. Sipurey Maisios and spiritual teachings are especially beneficial.
5. Engaging in heartfelt singing on Shabbos can bring a person to tremendous spiritual revelations.
6. Eat the fish meal on Shabbos slowly and with concentration. Use just your fingers.
7. Go out of your way as much as possible to have guests for Shabbos, of course not at the expense of your children.
8. It is good to go to the mikvah shabbos morning as early as possible. Everything can be attained through the Shabbos morning mikvah. Connect yourself to many Tzaddikim while immersing as explained elsewhere.
9. Do not spaire comfort on Shabbos. Leave extra lights on so the house is bright. Keep the thermometer at the most comfortable temperature sparing no cost
10. What you talk about and the way you talk should be different on Shabbos. Do not speak about things you are worried about or business.
11. When making Kiddush, put around your Kiddush cup, 6 small cups filled with wine. The large cup representing the Shabbos and the 6 cups the weekdays which draw from it.
12. Smell many spices before Shabbos and during Shabbos night.
13. Circle the Shabbos table 7 times while reciting Shalom Alechem.
14. Those learning Zohar should do so especially on shabbos night after chatzos.
15. Make sure your hands are perfectly dry before making Hamotzee or touching anything.
16. When reciting Kiddush, have in mind the word Gevi-lon which is the secret of Shefa.
17. The Kiddush cup represents all of the Jewish people, when you hand the cup from your left hand to your right after it is raised by both, you are drawing holiness from the right to the left and bringing blessing to all people. Continue to have Klal Yisrael in mind until the end of Kiddush.
18. Concentrate on your Shabbos table floating in the higher worlds. When you have your siuda for Shabbos, a reflection of your table is above.

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  1. # 11 ifyou have more than yourself?

    and #16? gevi-lov?

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — September 19, 2008 @ 6:27 am

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