July 30, 2006

Uy, the holy Tzaddik Rav Michel

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11pm Quiet night Boruch Dayin HaEmes (on the memorial of the Arizal) a holy Tzaddik passed away, Rav Michel Dorfman Z’T’L. I have been calling him for advice for over 10 years so it comes as a great shock to me and my family. This Holy Sage was about 100 years old and lived a life of the old time Tzaddikim. Every morning he awoke for Tikkun Chatzos and then davened at sunrise. He was in Siberia camps for many years. He was the outstanding leader of Breslov Chassidus in Mea Sharim. Those who knew him, knew of his sweetness and brilliance. To anyone he could open up their entire life before their very eyes and shine light into all their dark places. His last words to me a few months ago were, “You have something very important for the Jewish people, now you have to travel the entire world or whatever it takes to get your books and materials published and out to the nation.” He told my friend at this same meeting, “You want to be a Breslover Chassid? Then do hisbodidus, talk to Hashem.”

12am I can’t put into words the pain I have from this Rabbi’s passing. I have never been one to deal well with the loss of life even though we learn that for a Tzaddik, it is simply like walking from one room to the next. Maybe I am a bit extreme in my inabilities in this area. For some people there are certain things which simply break their heart in two. For me, its not a war and rockets, its missing someone you care about and knowing you can’t see them again till Moshiach, the messiah comes. So this past year, I observed the memorial the day after for my father, may he have an aliyah, Shlomo Zavel Ben Yaakov. So who can mend my broken heart this day? Words will not be enough. I am simply without a Sage whos eyes shown great light unto the entire world. What is even more amazing is that I barely even knew him compared to those who lived nearer to him in Jerushayim. Can you imagine their hearts tonight? My friends, I think you will start to hear stories about this Sage soon because he certainly made an impression on thousands of people.

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