July 30, 2006

Bombing Weekend- Arizal Yirtzite

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Today is the Ari’s Yirtzite (Memorial) (The greatest Rabbi to live in Tzfat, Israel). In the morning people were davening by the Tzaddik and scared when bombs started flying in the area. This afternoon hundreds returned to go to the mikvah and Ari’s grave. A Sefardic Rabbi came and began staying the psalms and all answered in unison. The davening was beautiful.I just returned from there feeling very content.

So as far as living in a war and bombings. Well I guess a person can get used to anything. Bombs are simply a part of our life now and we are not suprised when someone is hurt by them or places damaged. So while the rest of the world forgets about the poor and helpless Jews of Tzfat, we, the people of Tzfat continue to adapt to the new way of life. Living not in fear but simply with the unexpected. Not knowing if we will be next on the list of destruction or simply to continue living in our denial of what is falling around us. So my friends, why do I write this moving paragraph? Simply so you will pray for the Jews of the North like you have never prayed before, feeling totally selfless and caring only for a good life of contemptment for another.

With Shalom, Peace.
Reb Moshe of Tzfat

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