July 24, 2006


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Holding strong here. While my friend was praying near the arizal, three bombs hit near the Beir Mayim Chaim’s grave but didn’t hit any graves from what i hear and just started a small fire. He came back totally relaxed. This was a boy that stayed at my house the first nights of the bombings scared and now he has learned true yiras Hashem!

I was just on the Sean Hannity radio show. I am trying to make a kiddish Hashem as much as I can. Did anyone hear me live wabc77? This is a big talk show host! 1 million people heard me speak about the miricles that have happened here in tzfat and Hashem’s hand and our faith here.

I just did 14 min. interview with Sara Kehaulani Goo from the Washington post, it will be in the paper tomarrow in her column on regular people who have been doing videos and writing about the war.

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