April 28, 2008

The Reb Asks Back

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For a while now, I have been answering life’s questions on www.askreb.com but I thought now it is time that I ask the world my questions. So, here we go!

1. As you know, Israel is a dusty yet clean climate due to the use of stone buildings and dirt side roads. This causes my black car and most other
Israel cars to get dirty. How often should I wash my car? How important do you feel this is? Is it fine for a person to drive around in a dust covered car that is flify? To properly be clean, one would need to wash it 2x a week.
2. Should I pay 500sheckles which is a lot of money here to use a Jew on fixing something that otherwise would just cost 350sheckles from an Arab? If yes, where do i get the additional 150 shekels?
3. During the Omer, should I listen to Acapella music which is mutar or listen to nothing at all since acapella music is a bit boring?
4. Should I drink sink water or bottled water?
5. Should I power off computers when not in use to save electricity or does it really use nothing?
6. Why do only energizer expensive batteries work properly in the baby swing and my rechargeables and cheap batteries not?
7. Will I have better mazal publishing my books if I try again?
8. Should I continue trying to purchase a part for our Maytag dryer here in israel or give up and just take a chance on someone bringing it from the States?
9. Should I go to the Ari mikvah where it is too cold to think under the water holy thoughts but it is a much higher level or the warm indoor mikvah where I can contemplate higher thoughts? (I usually make this a daily decition)
10. Should I continue to express my humor publicly or lay it to rest?
11. For my Sata 2 backup hard drive, do i really need to get a sata drive or can i get the new usb quick connection plug they are selling out of china for $10?
12. Should I give the children prizes when each baby tooth falls out?
13. If you see a parent not disciplining their children for fighting with siblings, should you get involved? (this happened this last shabbos)
14. Should I put on the AC or open the windows up?
15. Am I too silent about problems in Klal Yisrael that we overlook?

16. How is 16 a special number?
17. Same question as 16
18. To Life, Just a bit of humor to start every ones new work week
19. If money really grew on trees, what kinda trees would it grow on?
20. Why am I playing 20 questions?


  1. Reb Moshe,

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.


    Comment by jodi — April 29, 2008 @ 3:28 am

  2. thats exactly what troubles me the most, lol
    Some of t hese are serious questions

    Comment by Reb Moshe — April 29, 2008 @ 3:30 am

  3. Regarding the serious questions…Keep your eyes on Hashem. You know what the answers are!


    Comment by jodi — April 29, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

  4. 1. dirty cars are fine..especially a black car.. there’s no point in even trying. if you wanted it to look clean you should have purchased a silver car. (and washed it 1-2 a month)

    perhaps this plays into the halachoth of a talmid chacham and the cleanliness of his clothing.

    2. if the Jew does a good job.. where did you get the 350 NIS from ?

    3. sing instead..

    4. do a taste test and see if it matters..

    5. computers do use a lot of power over time.. they’re getting better about it all the time. if the computer really isn’t in use perhaps standby is enough for significant power savings. powering a computer on and off a lot can significantly decrease its lifespan.

    6. energizer batteries are designed to give an even amount of power over an extended period of time. Cheapo batteries can’t be relied on, and rechargeable batteries may not charge up well enough any more to power the swing.. i wonder if you could find an old used baby swing with a hand-crank .. i looked for a new one and didn’t find it.

    7. this can be answered with the wisdom of miriam ha nevi’ah.. paroah only passed judgement on the boys, but you’ve passed judgement on the girls as well — if you don’t attempt it then you wont know if your mazal improved.. the ben ish hai does say about business that one shouldn’t invest money when his mazal is down, rather save the money and when you see your mazal in general turning around, then invest the money.

    8. there are a lot of reliable people coming from the USA every day.. purchase it wherever it is cheaper.

    9. do the kavanot outside the ari mikveh and then jump in. kind of like a l’shem yichud before the mitzwah, or ‘over l’asiyatan’

    10. what humour? 🙂

    11. ask again later.

    12. perhaps if they’re distressed about it — it should probably factor into your general approach to giving the kids rewards.

    13. judging others is always very touch and go.. after all you’re only ever judging yourself…

    14. does it get cooler or hotter when you open the windows? and does anyone in the family suffer from severe allergies to pollen? (and did you spend the 150 shekel of the electric bill on the Jew installing the A/C ?)

    15. discussing the flaws of klal yisrael or jews in particular greatly distresses the shechinah

    16. it’s both 4 to the 2nd power and 2 to the 4th power. it’s also two chets which is four zayins which is 28 which is koah!

    17, not clear if you want another reason why 16 is good or you are asking about 17.. 17 is gematria tov.. what could be better than that you ask? 34, pa’amayim tov 16 + 17 (add one for the kollel) is 34, pa’amayim tov 🙂

    18. two life would be 36

    19. i think they discuss this issue in the midrash.. they said it was an apple tree, actually they mentioned a few different trees, some even say it’s wheat. 😉

    20. because you don’t reach utter desparation when you stop at 19 questions.. it’s the 20th one that’ll get you.

    well, it’s been fun.. apologies if i brought the level of humor any lower 🙂

    Comment by yitz.. — May 4, 2008 @ 7:53 pm

  5. Wonderful. You really made my day! Very practical answers. I still need an answer for number 11. We would all like the source from the Midrash for money growing on trees. The answer to number 15 is very wise. There is a time to speak and a time not too. This takes extra wisdom. Once a chassid walked into shalosh seudos and the Rebbe was crying out to end galus, exile. He called the Chassid over and asked him what he thought of the suffering the Jews were currently going through by the hands of the King. The Chassid tried to find light in the situation and the good in the King and suffering. The Rebbe through his previous cries almost turned over the entiire judgement of the Jews but the chassid didn’t understand and he began defending our persicution. The Rebbe explained to him afterwards, that should he have also spoke out like the Rebbe and agreed with him, the decree would have been immediately overturned. So we always have to think like Reb Yitz explained, “What is best for the Shechinah, Divince Presence”. I think you made 16 my new favorite number. Thanks again Reb Yitz for answering.

    Comment by Reb Moshe — May 4, 2008 @ 10:15 pm

  6. the source of the midrash is the midrash (rabba or probably any other, actually i think the talmud even goes into it) about which tree was the etz hada’ath.. since money has become more or less an avodah zarah, naturally i would assume it grew on the etz hada’ath.. i was making an overly witty joke 🙂 hence the wink..

    my initial answer to number eleven was that it’s beyond the scope of my technical knowledge.. but i changed it for the more humorous magic eight-ball response.

    Comment by yitz.. — May 10, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

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