July 19, 2006

Dancing, Singing, Tzfat peoples HELLO!

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Today I let loose a bit. I saw some neighbors talking so I went out with three shot glasses. Lechaim Tovim UleShalom!

I also tried to get a taxi while the 40 bombs were hitting, I was going to take the kids to the park to play and do another Torah Video. The driver responded, can this maybe wait till after the sirons and bombs stop?
Kids upstairs were hanging out the windows laughing as some rockets were missing everthing
An Arab at the pharmacy gave me a look like, will these people stop already so I can get some business
Someone drove backwards down Tzfat’s busiest street, Rochov Yerushalyim, on purpose!
Breslov is taking a bus to Har Hazasim tomarrow and coming back at night to spend the night in Tzfat
People walk the steets hearing bombs without even looking, some are on cellphones!

Hello! Have we all lost it after a week of non stop bombings?
Or have we finally found the simcha and comfort in our lives that we have been missing for so long.
Today I got a ride from someone I haven’t spoke to in a year because we were upset at each other. Tzfat residents, come home!!!!!!!!!!!! You are missing out on all the love your town was hidding! This is a great place with the sweetest people, we are just a bit of the country type hermets, need a few bombs to shake us up!

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  1. I heard you speak on the radio show tonight. I live in Canada and have been trying to follow the news closely. You are so right, I do not see any news people sitting with you showing the world how ONLY civillians are being targeted. I do not see any news at all on the suffering or killings being done in Israel, no closeups of people crying, ONLY Lebanon. I do not see any news about what humanitarian crisis this is causing for you. No closeup news at all on CNN or BBC. VERY slanted reporting. Terrible.

    Comment by Janice Zuliani — July 26, 2006 @ 8:06 am

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