March 12, 2008

Banjo Billy & Kanavos Halev Music

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After many successful Music & Storytelling Videos together, Pinchas, Banjo Billy and I considering making a music CD together. We are open to ideas of what type of songs you think would be a hit. Tomorrow is our first meeting to discuss and merge our sound studio equipment & run some sound tests. Our goal is to get this CD to the main distributors and in every Jewish bookstore. Outreach and Torah is also through music. It might be a possiblity to take this on the road together as it has been something we have talked about. My First Album, Kavanos Halev (link) is available for those interested in a unique sound. The second album which has great sound quality upgrades was halted do to the lack of time and money to edit it. I also ran into computer issues as few computers in the world, especially ones that need updating, can meet the demands of what I put them through. Video editing is very demanding.


  1. bluegrass….blues…….. can you play a dulcimer or mandolin?

    Comment by Kara — March 12, 2008 @ 6:22 am

  2. This might be on hold.

    Comment by Reb Moshe — March 14, 2008 @ 4:27 pm

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