February 27, 2008

Sderot- a city living in fear

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It is morally incorrect to not defend ones fellow people when they are being attacked. When Jewish lives are in danger, a person must put forth a defence. The weakness shown by no reaction in Gaza, is a show to all the Arab world of our vulnerability. Part of believe in Hashem is to have faith in making a decision that may not be so easy. In this case, the decision really should be an easy one. Having experienced simular suffering as these people in Sderot during the Lebanon War, my heart goes out to them.

It was not the fear of rocket fire that made it difficult for me to live in Tzfat during the Lebanon War, but rather, the inconveniences. The interference of living a normal daily lifestyle. May Hashem help us to have leadership that has faith in Him.

15 Seconds to live

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