December 17, 2007

Flying and Landing

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When the Wright Brothers created the first airplane, they didn’t just focus on the idea of being in the air but also they focused on how to land their plane. For flying alone was not the only mystery they would have to solve in order to successfully bring man above the earth but his return was even more important.

The spiritual man must be the same way. He must prepare his aircraft to handle winds, rains, thunderstorms and most importantly, the return to physicality. All the greatest spiritual warriors recommended to their followers to always bring a copilot along with them. You don’t see many serious aircraft’s without copilots but this doesn’t mean one can’t learn to fly alone in a responsible manner.

With everything in life, a person must know the barriers they might face from what is around them as well as their own strengths and limitations. This growth of understanding comes with training, patience, prayer and hope. A balance person who prepares themselves for all things through not fooling themselves of a reality that doesn’t belong to them this moment, is eventually able to achieve far more then they originally expected.

The Tzaddik is not bound by the rules of the man who must fly with a copilot. His copilot is his on understand of who he is this very moment and how far He is from Hashem. His humility protects him from going to uncharted waters and should turbulence take him to the unknown, he has no fear. For Hashem is always with him.

Our Rabbi’s teach us, four entered the Pardes but only one returned unharmed. Ben Azi gazed and died but what did he see? He saw himself instead of seeing that he was nothing. Ben Zoma gazed and became insaine. He lost hope and faith. Without these two things, a person becomes confused. Aher became an apostate. He never really saw himself for who he was. Rabbi Akiva entered and left in peace. This is because when he looked, he didn’t see himself. Like the Wright Brothers, he saw what could be one day change the world. A man, a dream and hard work. He saw that he was totally nothing compared to Hashem and that in Hashem was true salvation. A man like this, does not return from the Pardes harmed. In fact, he returns with all its jewels. He can fly alone because with him, is the entire world.

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