September 18, 2007

Buy Some Popcorn! It is Video Time!

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I just returned from doing an hour long video at Gibon Waterfalls in the Golan Heights. It was here that I told the life story of the Yid Hakodesh from Pshicha. This might be our longest video lasting almost an hour. The falls were literally breathtaking and very inspirational.

Video Quality update!
Recently, I have increased the editing quality of the videos. Of course, nobody has said anything but hopefully people quietly enjoy the difference. Since I am on a limited to 0 budget, I have done something tricky. I just purchased a wireless mic, transmitter and receiver out of china for really cheap. I’m thinking to buy a second one and whichever somehow by miracle doesn’t have noise I will use. Then, tossing their mic in the trash can, I will purchase a used shure to bring you extremely high quality audio. As far as the video camera focus problem, no clue how to fix this and nor does Panasonic. I am simply due for another camera or a great miracle. Meanwhile, I am focusing the camera through prayers and by moving myself as it goes out of focus closer or further away.

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  1. I cant wait!!

    Chassedei Aleksander draws from Pschische. Simcha Bunim M’Pschische.

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — September 19, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

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