August 30, 2007

Politics & Judaism

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When one thinks of politics, they think of Government and Politicians. They don’t think of Rabbi’s and board members. In the old days, when someone took a test for smecha to become a Rabbi, they were literally geneouses. Today, some Rabbi’s walk around with certificates given by another Rabbi that eats non kosher food. So where did it all go wrong and who is really to blame. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, there must be someone to blame.

Well, corruption and problems don’t just start in the head office. I mean, people actually voted for a guy who would risk Israeli lives in order to advance politically. So if we want unpolitical Rabbinical leaders, we have to know what it means to be lishmah, to live for the sake of Heaven. When we ourselves become wholehearted beings, that is when we begin to see emes, truth.

Tonight in my hisbodidus, jewish meditation to Hashem, I prayed to be a Reb who would not sucom to political enticements. I prayed to be real. What worries me is when business starts to crawl its way into teaching Torah and chesed. Isn’t this how the entire problem began? Unfortunately, people do not support well their Synagogue, Rabbi’s and chesed organizations. I wonder how many people have been rescued by hatzalah, never to have thanked them or given them a donation. So we wonder why there is politics in Jewish communities, maybe it is not even the fault of those involved. In this cut throat world of Jewish Chesed organizations, striving to meet their minimum budgets, maybe it really is, anything goes…

But then again, if there didn’t have to be a board of directors, those being the large donors since nobody else pays the bills or shares any responsibility, a true heartfelt lead coalition could once again be the foundation of all our worthy organizations.

All I know is, Id like to run from this confusion but I face it in every day life. The small people really have no say. Those with connections, always find away around the law. People with money are able to hide behind it. Truly, a life without Hashem and emunah, faith will lead us running in all directions. We have to know, if someone hurts us, they are just a vehicle from Hashem to guide us. As much as there is politics, there isn’t. Hashem said, “I don’t want your many sacrifices but your broken heart”.

In a world of so many sharks, you just have to be a smart fish.

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  1. i do not understand all this. Some of it, but where did this come from?

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — August 31, 2007 @ 8:36 am

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