August 27, 2007

Give me Food!

Filed under: What can we do? — Reb Moshe @ 9:34 pm

As you all know, today, my son had surgery from his 3rd degree burns 8 months ago. This means that I am all alone with my other 2 boys. So today, I let them watch some videos of their mommy who is away and then I took them to the little Tzfat zoo which mostly conisists of chickens and birds. Somehow, myself and the chickens survived the ordeal. By the way, Gedalya is slowly becoming more alert as the medisons wear off.

So know it is evening and the kids are sleeping after 2 hours of the bedtime mania. I don’t even know where to begin now with my time. The first one woke up a quarter to 6 yesterday. Well, I think I can make it through this but there is no chocolate in the house! Someone bring me some chocolate!

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