August 20, 2007

What we are up too!

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This week we will launch a new surprise to the jewish world. Stay tuned…

I did 3 videos yesterday which means hours of editing time. So far one video was edited and put up.

After a talk with our hosting company, we have outgrown the virtual private server and now need to upgrade to a full dedicated. I am going to stall on this because I have no idea how we will pay for the 100gig server package we have now which is cheaper.

Unless Hashem helps us with another opening, My wife will be with the baby for surgery in the hospital over Rosh Hashanah, which means, I will be babysitting alone here in tzfat the other children, instead of Uman. If anyone would like to put on a display table there from ilovetorah, please let me know just in case I can’t make it due to the above.

I am currently going to kollel part-time in the afternoons followed by traveling to do a video. Then I spend the next 10 hours or so on the sites.

At this time, I have no volunteering help at all outside Pinchas, Banjo Billy.

If you are coming to Israel, please let me know just in case I need a package from the States.

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