July 25, 2007

Everything is in a moment

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199746599_ff7c2e623d_o.jpgThe Talmud teaches us that everything can be accomplished within a moment. They prove this by saying that through even one second of repentance, a person can have totally attoned for all their sins and receive a full reward in the World to Come.

This certainly proves us the point of how important time is. That its value is quite great and we should appreciate every second that we are given but even more so, we have to appreciate the idea of positive energy. Chazal say, “Every mitzvah leads to another mitzvah and every sin leads to another sin. We can add to this by saying that every positive thought and energy, leads to more positive thinking.

Daily we think of what it would be like if we could turn the clock back that day. Would we have picked up the phone to talk to that person that called if we had a choice not too. Maybe we would have taken a left turn instead of a right turn in order to miss the traffic gam.

Unfortunately, Hashem didn’t create the technology of the time machine. Rather, he created the exact opposite effect, reincarnation and repentance. Hashem obviously doesn’t want us to go back physically to fix our wrong doings but just spiritually and through new tests in life that will come along today and tomarrow.

The key to this picture and the realization of the moment must be accomplished during the option and decition of the very moment. We must think before every action with clarity and realize what effect this will have on our life. To realize that one move, one mitzvah isn’t just what will happen now but it will effect our entire day and life. Even the very thought we have now give us positive or negative energies that will play a roll in the minute to come. So appeciating that “Everything is in a moment”, must be the entire key to the World to Come and the root of life itself.

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