July 25, 2007

Bargaining with Hashem

Filed under: Blog Torah — Reb Moshe @ 2:49 am

Hashem tells us, “I want you to do these positive commandments and these other negative commandments, I want you to stay away from”. So in return, we tell Hashem, “I am willing to pick these commandments that are easy for me that I like and these negative commandments, well some of them I will do anyway and hope you will overlook them due to the positive ones I also decided to do”. This system goes on for generation after generation. It destroys our Temples, our people and puts us in solitary confinement. Hashem never told us we could pick and choose what we like but we do it anyways thinking somehow we balance the scale more to the side of good. Do we not owe Hashem and ourselves more then this as His people? Can we not just do a little bit better then we are doing??? We know we are a weaker generation then those that came before us but does this mean we should accept this and not try as hard as they did?

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