July 19, 2007

Ari Yirtzite & Hiking for Kevarim

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Yesterday, I decided to setout on the impossible mission of finding the Tzaddik, Rash Lakish. I started out going under an underpass and onto the first dirt road I saw. On the way, I was excited to see another Jew with payis driving the other direction so I asked him for directions. He said, “Raish Lakish”, excitingly! I have been trying to find that grave for 2 years now. It isn’t up here. Next thing we knew it, we had joined forces to fufil our dream together and find the Tzaddik. I followed him and then he followed me at times. No road was a challenge to us both. Through army shooting ranges and 4×4 roads, we took our cars for the rides of the lives….

Finally, we realized that we could go no further in our non jeep rides and we set forth on foot. For 2 hours we walked and then returned in the dark. We had not found Raish Lakish! This was not my first attempt either. I have spent hours before driving through the dirt and rocky roads looking for the famious Rabbi. His grave is known to be one of the most difficult ones to be found in the north. I guess there is always tomarrow to try again. At the end of our journey, we exchanged numbers and were happy to have had the opportunity meet. Today, I rest my legs from the long journey and hope that my car doesn’t have a flat this morning.

Tonight is the Yirtzite of the Ari HaKodesh. There is a video about him on the TorahVideo site. Thousands of tourist will be visiting Tzfat during this time and Shabbos. Usually, our phones are off the hook with people wanting a place to stay and the noise outside my house lasts all night with shofer blowing and people talking. Since we know it is for a good cause, we bite the bullet and close our ears, sometimes even joining them. At times it is a blessing and other times, it isn’t the most easy thing to live in a tourist town.


  1. Nice story. I have been to Reish lakish’s Tzion. it is on acliff, not visible from the road, in a cave on the side of the mountain. But it should be easy enough to find if you look carefully. I noticed that you talk about going to “see the Tzaddik.” I dont get it, arent they dead already?

    Comment by Duvie Sharfman — July 22, 2007 @ 5:10 am

  2. Well, there are many cliffs in the Galilee. It is just a figure of expression commonly used but you never know…

    Comment by Reb Moshe — July 23, 2007 @ 9:58 pm

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