April 30, 2007

Hidden Secrets in ilovetorah

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Probably few of you have listened to all the videos and read all the books in the entirety. Within some videos, I have touched upon some of the deepest secrets of Kabbalah and Chassidus. In my sefer, book Chassidus and Kabbalah, I have revealed things in Kabbalah which are known to few & rarely spoken off. Not only this but the wise would understand from these things how to save lives, heal and bring Tikkunim, rectifications around them. The intro alone to Tikkun Shechinah, could massively change a person’s life and they could walk in the ways of the Tzaddikim, Righteous. Please if you haven’t done so already, go back through the material in an organized fashion and make sure you didn’t miss anything important that you could relate too. On my end, I will slowly be organizing the videos and audios to ensure nothing is missing. I will be placing many older videos back up on torahvideo.com so unless you are organized, you may overlook some that you missed. The main things that have been taught are the following: 

Secrets how to pray

Love of Tzaddikim & Rabbi’s

Love for ones fellow Jew

Connecting to the Shechinah in daily life

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