March 19, 2007

My plate

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I have on my plate enough work for a full time staff of 30-50 people. Right now on Staff, ME!

We have just filled an entire 20gig VPS server and need to upgrade to $100 a month system for TorahVideo. This is besides using another 3 shared servers. I have hours of emails to respond to and I will B’N answer all. I have 3 hours of Video editing to do. It is 11:30pm. Tomorrow I want to go to Tiberias to do another few videos. “I look to the mountains, from where will my help come”

Today I had a great day. For the first time, I did a TorahVideo which brought out my total artistic photography sense. I miss hiking in the woods feeling totally free. One problem though, this isn’t Kansas, there are some pretty scary things out there in the woods. Not to mention we live in a country with people that want to kill us. Well, I would rather be carrying a Tehillim then a pocket knife! Well if anyone attacks me chas v shalom, it would make a great TorahVideo!

p.s. Today, many websites only consist of a blog. For ilovetorah, This blog is not meant to be a beautifully written masterpiece. It is simply a way of updating you on my plans and sharing thoughts together. I always use spell check on here but I lack the time to go back and overlook my sentence structures. Again, my plate is already pretty full. If I had the money, I would hire professional editors to cleanup the mess.

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