March 18, 2007

30 Cuts

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The video I am working on right now has more then 30 cuts. I am using my more professional software which I don’t always use do to a lack of time. This video takes place in the Meron Forest and is an entire work up on Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichiv. I am trying to finish this quickly has it takes 2.5 hours alone just to save the file and it renders my entire computer virtually useless in the process. I can’t even imagine the potential if I had a Mac G2, my time would be cut drastically. While this one is saving, I will use the second computer which is already uploading to capture the second video I completed today which will in turn render that one completely useless to work on site upkeep. Hey… but to bring the only Levi Yitzchok to light… and the second video which is a story about the Chozeh of Lublins wife… well… it is worth the struggle.

Meanwhile… closing my eyes… dreaming of a mac… You know the holy masters used to reach into their pocket and find whatever they needed. Maybe one day I will reach in and find 8gig ram?

P.S. No reason to watch MARCH MADNESS NCAA as North Carolina is going to win so better to just watch ilovetorah Torahvideo!

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