November 30, 2006

Why does Tzfat need all this attention lately?

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20-f.jpgIn the old days, Tzfat was not a place that needed media coverage in order for the world to remember its existence. This hasn’t been the case lately. First with the War in the North which brought world media coverage. Then now we have some escaped convict, Benny”, living with us. Every street in Tzfat has policeman on it 24 hours a day right now. The new talk in Tzfat is, “where is this guy hiding.” Have I seen him? What will I do if I meet up with him? Is our city crying out for attention?

You know… some say that in order for Moshiach to come, Tzfat must once again flurish. The Zohar says that it is here that the Moshiach will be born and lead us to Jerusalem.


  1. Tzfat needs all the publicity it can get. Unfortunately it has a very bad name even among Israelis who say there are no jobs there (which keep people from moving there) and others compare it to slums. Why industry is not flourishing in the north is beyond our comprehension but places like tzfat and tiberias need to be revived for all Jews’ concern (not just some local Chassidim)

    Comment by yossel (ben Yehuda) — December 5, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

  2. I never had the chance to visit Tzfat when I was in Jerusalem this past summer.

    Maybe next year I will.

    Any advice, if you live there?

    Comment by Gilad — December 8, 2006 @ 5:29 am

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