November 13, 2006

Chinuch, teaching children

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In the old days, a Rebbe in cheder meant that a teacher of children understood that this was not a one year commitment to the child but rather, he would always be there for the child. A Rebbe meant more then just a one year, Hello, goodbye… I taught you… go find yourself a new teacher.

When a father picked a teacher for his son, the child stayed with that teacher until the Rebbe had taught everything he knew in Judaism. He didn’t find him a new teacher until the Rebbe literally was milked for everything he had. Students always learned more from the angle of memorizing the material then a quick overview of chapters.

The Rebbes didn’t give up on children but taught them at their level of grasp. He was able to teach many students simultaneously even though their levels were different. He was a melamid, teacher because he was truly gifted and loved it.

The most important thing in the world for children are their first teachers in grade school.  This teacher must believe in them wholeheartedly and make them feel special. He must show them love of commandments, not a pressure of keeping them. I ask of Hashem that all of us should be worthy of such a teacher for ourselves, our children and all of Israel. Amen

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  1. A Teacher like in paragraph two, would be a rebbe for life. Torah is ever deep, expounded upon my midrash, by mishnah which was expounded upon by Gemara expounded by Rashi, tosafos, Rebbeinu Yonah, all of these were expounded upon by hundreds of scholars whos works are in the thousands, expansions of torah, it is ever growing. Mamesh! Torah is a tree, buds grow every day. soon the bud will become a shoot, then a twig, and branches and limbs. Mamesh! sadly a seed is made an a new tree is made from torah, and competes to take its root space, like Islam and so many goyish religions are derivitives from torah, Christianity.

    Torah is a tree, a tree of life!!!!

    Baruch Hashem!

    Thank Hashem for the infinite spring of Wisdom!

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — November 13, 2006 @ 10:49 pm

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