November 13, 2006

Fill 1000 people with Light

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This month even with the accedent of my son, we have hit record highs of kiruv. I am very close to the goal of mekariving 1,000 people this month. In fact, that is how many people a day visit ilovetorah.

What does it mean to mekariv someone? What is kiruv? You know, everyone thinks that others should be like them. They should think like them, act like them and do what they do. This is the mistaken idea of what kiruv is. It is not making someone religious persay but rather helping someone to relate to their Hashem given Jewish soul. To open it and fill it with the light it needs. Obviously, this means to take on a path towards following more of the Torah but each individual soul needs to be cherrished and respected. If you fill it with too much light, you shatter it. Too little light, it doesn’t shine. Rather, it has to be just right. Which means that you must allow the person themselves to find the light they need. You just have to shine it their way like the rays of the sun. To warm them and then in their natural tendency, they will seek to bathe in the light of Torah. After-all, the Jewish soul thirsts for Torah no matter how much materialism and immorality clings to it. It must and always needs Torah to servive. Chazal teach us that, “Torah is light”.

(With your donation, we can make this 2,000 mekariv, 2,000 visitors a day)

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  1. shkoiech!

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — November 13, 2006 @ 3:47 am

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