October 30, 2006

Our Babies Burns update

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Our 1.5 year old son, Please spread his name to yeshivos and synagoges to pray

Gedalya Aharon Zvi ben Rochel Feiga 

2nd degree deep/ borderline 3rd

30% of body, including some of his face, neck, stomach, arm, finger, back and throat.

For all those who are advising alternative treatments. I have slowly been looking into this but the case is simply to critical to use these methods. Plus, nobody who uses these methods has yet volunteered to come up to Haifa to check him.

He has fever but no infection at this time. He has feeding tube in nose for food since mouth is a bit burnt. This is a very serious time as the doctor has stated that since is so deep it can easily become, chas v shalom, 3rd degree very quickly.

My friends, I believe in prayer, so much so… So, please spread our child’s name. For now, I drive back and forth to Haifa daily, my wife is there full time. I spent the night holding the babies hand, haven’t slept in a day and just ate yesterdays dinner & today’s breakfast at 2pm the next day.

Our spirits are positive, our hearts are broken and our thoughts are totally with Hashem. Now I must post the divar Torah I wrote for all my friends while holding the little babies hand.


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  1. I published the name to Tehillim Hotline’s website.
    I also posted to Luach.com to daven. Everyone in the family wishes you the best we are all davening. Your Sister in America

    Comment by Terumah — October 31, 2006 @ 6:10 am

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