October 23, 2006

If only I could and not be ex-communicated

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1. Wear white more often

2. Carry my laptop everywhere

3. Switch chassidic dress code to lighter colors that reflect the sun

4.  Would open my own publishing house

5. Would buy the domains jewish.com and torah.com

6. Would start a Boys basketball team of Tzfat

7. Sing out in the street

8. Wear Tefillin all day, Talis Friday Night

9. Make a weekly Friday Night get together to sing till 2am

10. Heat the Ari Mikvah & have hot showers

11. Bring via Chains all my internet friends to live in Tzfat

12. Make my own special direct line to my Rebbe and Rav for questions

13. Go to a car tuning shop

14. Make the first American Speaking Chassidus… oh wait, Reb Chaim of Yerushalayim has already done that! No need…

Did I leave anything out? 

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