September 29, 2006

Step up to the plate

Filed under: Website Kvetching — Reb Moshe @ 5:32 pm

I really hope this year some of you will step up to the plate and help me with the website and promotion. I don’t think I can bare it, that is to do this all alone for another year.

Good news, the uman video is half way finished. It should be up when you finish Shabbos there in America. I wish I had more photographs to add to it.  


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  1. Dear Reb Moshe,

    I have foud your torah website the best I have ever seem.
    And your music is very talented.

    your faithful freind

    Yisroel Schindler

    Comment by Yisroel Schindler — September 30, 2006 @ 4:05 pm

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