September 18, 2006

Energy Healing Bio Energy

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It has been the new wave of healing but most practice ways of idol worship while performing Bio Energy as the system was based on this. When combining Bio Energy with Torah techniques, very possitive results have been found. In northern Israel there are two famous healers in this art form and one of them is my chavrusa, study partner in yeshivah (Kollel), Dr. Leshem.

The idea of Bio Energy is to channel the healers energy into the places that are lackings. This could be because of trama in ones life or cronic illness. Though its technique is rather a simple one, not everyone has the strength to channel their energy. Through years of practice and Hashem given talent, a few rare people are blessed with this ability. If you were to take this talent and combine it with a strong knowledge in Kabbalah and practical healing… the results are remarkable.

If anyone would like me to arrange a treatement for them, please let me know. A person does not have to be on location for this to work.

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  1. can you explain how this is done? maybe an example?

    Comment by dreidel613 — September 19, 2006 @ 4:22 am

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