May 26, 2016

Pairing Socks and the World

Filed under: Blog Torah — Reb Moshe @ 8:25 am

Why is it so difficult to find 2 matching socks? In everything in life, it is the pairing of people, events and actions that bring completeness and success. While it should really be easy to pair 2 socks, it’s simply not. The pair of sefiros, Keter and Malchut brings complete unity. The two sefiros yearn to unite but that too is difficult. So I finally found matching socks this morning but it took much effort. It was worth it though, because now all day I can appreciate that my socks match and are complete. Everything is about unity and being complete. It isn’t supposed to be easy to pair socks, people or events. Nothing in life is simple yet everything is complete simplicity. Remember this next time you pair your socks in the morning or find it difficult to complete something. The end result of effort is the joy of pairing and completion. This is the secret of Ma’aseh Bereshith (the Creation of the World), (My Divar Torah from pairing my socks this morning)

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