March 27, 2016

After Purim.. trust in Hashem

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Why do you feel down the day after Purim??? Well on Purim you were not able to know the difference between Mordechai & Haman… how did you really accomplish this? You reached a level of bittle, nothingness. You see when your bittle, you realize that Hashem is in control of everything and there is no good or bad… just Hashem’s Will. Now it’s after Purim & your self-worth has returned. You no longer are able to see that Hashem is in control, so you feel you have lost control. Your world feels overwhelming because you haven’t put Hashem inside it… So Purim was a taste of how your really supposed to trust in Hashem… Now you have to learn how to do this without the holiness of Purim… So Study more Torah…. Books on Emunah, faith & start changing your prospective of what life is all about… Blessings…

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