September 11, 2006

Good Vach

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How was your shabbos?

This shabbos we had the young couple who were engaged over for meals. Thursday night they had arrived and I drove them around to all the important places and we returned about 4am. Then on Friday I took them to the kinneret for a swim (separate). The water was so warm and sweet, I can’t even describe it.

Id have to explain my reasoning as to why I took so much of my important time just to take this couple around and devote myself to them. For one, I know this young man to have outstanding potential and from what I know of the girls family, they are quite well known around Jerushalayim. So for one, I wanted to give them a relaxing attmosphere where no relatives or extreme friends would mess such an important match up. Secondly, a person has to learn to serve Hashem in all ways. For Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, his very Torah study was so high he didn’t have to break from it to pray as it included prayer. This concept is one that is not truly understood. I will shed light on it by explaining that the Arizal said that doing yechudim, combining Hashem’s names through Kabbalah is higher then Torah Study and includes the mitzvah of talmud Torah. My taking this young couple around and caring for them was for me yichid between the Shechinah, Malchut and Keter. I was caring for their unity for as we know, the joining of a couple is a reflection of the spiritual coupling.

So as I said, we have to learn to serve Hashem in all ways, living the Torah in such a way that our very lives are considered Torah study and bring unity above.

Please enjoy the new video, “Repent the day before you die”. We had a guest who played the clarinet to close this important video. I will be editing finished new videos on Rav Korspidai, one from the Jer. Zoo, one from the mayan mikvah near Tzfat, 2 more from the Rambam Hilchos Daos and for Choni Hamagil the footage is almost complete.

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