December 30, 2015

Life is a candlestick chart

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Life is a candlestick chart, you have to build resistance and watch for the turning points. You have to go with the momentum to your advantage. Ride the Fibonacci waves with patience expecting for every up in life there might be a 30% relapse but soon you will go back up if you hold on tightly. When your down, that is when you buy into life as how you serve Hashem when your down, in simple and joyous ways is more important then how you serve Him when your up. When your up, that is when you need to sell, giving to others life. Don’t be greedy but give to others when you feel well and are in a good position in your life. (I traded stocks and forex for years. I hope you like the analogy) We also learn in graphing that you should never rely totally on the charts. There are other factors that come into play and you have to be ready for anything. Never let your emotions completely dictate your decisions and do your research. Learn from others & see how other traders are currently finding success. The same is true in living a Torah lifestyle and investing in yourself. This is your winning stock play, live life smart.

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