December 17, 2015

New Torah thoughts

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Our Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) wants us to think that we are stagnant in our spiritual growth because we see our daily challenges becoming stronger and we thereby overlook our constant spiritual improvements. Every day bares a new set of challenges that we grow from.The greater the person, the stronger his Yetzer Hara becomes. This causes our good deeds to become overlooked. We believe we are stuck in the same place yet we are far from that place. We only seem to notice the stronger Yetzer Hara but we don’t see our stronger Yetzer HaTov. My friends, don’t compare your soul to another, be the best that you can be. Only joy will help you realize how far you have come and grown. Your really not stuck like you think, your free. Now live your life as a free man. Why do we say the daily passages about going out of Egypt in the prayer service? It is to remind us that Hashem is taking us out every day from the grips of negativity. We are free men to grow and prosper. The Yetzer Hara wants us to think we are in constant captivity but Torah study frees us from his grips. So no, your not stagnant at all. It is only his allusion. A free man is above his Yeter Hara, he is above his imagination & thereby doesn’t fear the angels. Through Torah study and prayer, he is never stagnant but is mastering his soul every day. So don’t look backwards and see only the challenges, take hold of your good points and bask into the light of the Shechinah.

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