May 29, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Spreading Kindness

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Spreading Kindness

1. If people had more respect for one another through kind deeds, the redemption would take place immediately.
2. Some people find it easier to spread their kindness among people they relate too or who are family. The real test is being kind to truly others who are different then yourself.
3. People who know how to look upon others with a good eye are doing themselves and this person a great favor.
4. When your kind to others, you feel good and complete inside.
5. Giving your energy to another helps you to take your mind off your own problems.
6. The more you give of yourself to others, the more you share in the midos of Hashem and unite with Him.
7. Kindness to another is everlasting.
8. As long as you have you basic needs, it is more important to give to others then to yourself.
9. Sweet and caring words to another person have the ability to give them life.
10. Most people need more favors in their life but are too embarrassed to ask someone to help them.
11. Don’t wait for someone to ask for assistance, look for the opportunity and volunteer.
12. A person is sometimes stuck in a loop of life’s pressures and only another person with a kind heart get top the cycle for them.
13. Giving money to another person is a great kindness and Hashem will always return to you the favor.
14. We learn how to be kind to others from Hashem. If you appreciate the kindness Hashem does for you, you too will then seek out methods to follow in His footsteps.
15. Sometimes taking better care of yourself is also being kind to those who depend on you.
16. Your family always need more love and compassion. Increase the quality of time you spend with them and kind deeds you do for them. Sometimes they feel ignored and hurt that they are neglected while you do kindness to others.
17. There are some people that simply don’t know how to be nice to others. They carry around so much pain that they just act out of survival mode.
18. The people receiving your kind act are able to tell if its with your heart or through forceful circumstances. Therefore, if you going to do an act of chesed, do it with all your heart.

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