May 29, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Calming Passions

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Calming Passions

1. The more you feed your passions, the stronger the cravings become.
2. If a person would just wait a few minutes, a few hours, maybe even a few days before following their erges, they would slowly dissipate on their own.
3. Decisions made out of passion and love don’t always work out the way you expected them too.
4. Should you not be able to control your thoughts, simply switch them to another direction and eventually they will go away. This is because a person can only have one clear thought at a time.
5. Trying to control ones passions without the study of the torah is similar to trying to put out a fire without any water.
6. Say Shema with concentration and it will help you that moment to subdue your desires.
7. People go after passions sometimes just from habit without any true craving. This is because the sin has become second nature to you. These are the most difficult sins to rid yourself of and the only remedy is more Torah study, mikvah and keeping yourself busy with other things.
8. The Tzaddik is able to help you calm your passions but you must be willing to lower your pride to talk to him about it.
9. Often people crave things which are not good for them because their imagination is lacking holiness and the knowledge of what is truly important. Your soul and health.
10. Elevate your passion by finding some comparison in the midah in Hashem.
11. When you have a strong desire for something physical, teach yourself to wait and take a step back to evaluate if its truly important.
12. There is nothing greater then true passion for Torah and mitzvos.
13. Learn to become a balanced person so that you never act completely on emotion.
14. Passions change over time and you find new items to have desires for.
15. Ask a friend if your desire is practical or not.
16. Passion can overwhelm the mind so much that you forget about the Torah and Hashem.
17. If your happy, you can control your passions and desires better.
18. Think about the Sefirah of Chesed, Love and direct your thoughts there so that you elevate the passions of love to return to their source in holiness instead of the mundane.

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