May 27, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Natures Beauty

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Nature

1. The beauty of nature can calm the soul unlike any other event.
2. See and listening to water has a way of opening ones mind to wisdom and understanding. It can also increase ones memory.
3. It is good for the soul to wonder amongst the trees of the forest to meditate on Hashem and ones life.
4. If your unsure what path to choose, sometimes a river or waterfall can remove all the confusing thoughts and allow you to decide the best direction.
5. The beauty one sees in natures surroundings can help a person realize that Hashem is in charge of all things and He has created everything in great detail.
6. Sometimes only through a walk in a quiet park where there are no people, can a person really reflect on what is important to institute real changes in their ways.
7. Animals have a way to open a persons heart which is otherwise closed due to some previous hurtful experience.
8. When you see the colors of nature, try to reflect upon the Sefirah connected to this color and thereby, elevate the object on high.
9. Animals have a very simple way of living and they are constantly singing praises to Hashem. We can learn from this.
10. We are no different from nature and animals if we don’t pray to Hashem for our daily needs. This is because He gives to each and every living organism their needs regardless if they ask.
11. A person should respect nature and their surroundings as they are all given shefa, sustenance from Above every moment and are similar to one large orchestra working in unison for the conductor.
12. Don’t kill insects and animals unnecessarily.
13. A person who cares for an animal in pain will most likely also do so human beings.
14. It is important to have plenty of daily sun and air as they bring healing at the proper times.
15. At least once or twice a week, a person should leave the city or find a quiet place to rest their minds in a more natural environment.
16. Nature can humble a person.
17. It can be very depressing to spend too much time in nature and not enough time among companions.
18. Teach your children to appreciate natural things and it will soften their heart.

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