May 27, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Shidduchim

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Shidduchim

1. Hashem is constantly making matches to keep the world and all events turning.
2. A person should be practical in what match might fit then because Hashem isn’t going to bring your bashert together with you if your not ready to accept them.
3. You only need to do a normal histadlus, effort to find you bashert and nothing more because the time and place comes completely from Hashem.
4. Personal hygiene and cleanliness is important towards preparation for a shidduch.
5. Being a balanced person helps a person to find their match.
6. A person has to reach a level of bittle, self-nulification and be willing to give of themselves in order to be prepared to share their life with another human being.
7. Finding good friends that help encourage you in serving Hashem is also like a shidduch.
8. It is important not to choose the wrong friends to spend you time with because if you friends are attached to sin, they will drag you to this dark place along with them.
9. Ask the Tzaddik to pray for you that you find the right match easily as he is also involved in keeping the world turning and making sure peoples needs are met spiritually.
10. Matchmakers are good but most shidduchs usually end up come through the intermediary of close friends.
11. The right shidduch usually comes about when you least expect it.
12. You can’t really push a shidduch before its time so the best thing is to relax and stay busy so as not to get lost during your hunt for companionship.
13. The most important thing about a partnership is that you have similar goals and ideals.
14. Looks are only temporary and many spouses don’t take care of themselves physically once they are married so don’t get caught up only physical beauty which is anyway not always everlasting.
15. Sometimes the beauty of a person grows on you and as the person gains confidence, they also become more beautiful and popular. Therefore, don’t be so quick to judge.
16. The best way to bringing your shidduch closer is to put you entire mind and heart in the study of Torah. Through the holiness of your study and self-growth, the shidduch will come on its own.
17. Every match brings you closer to your destined bashert.
18. The more pure your thoughts, heart and body, the sooner you will be ready for your match. This applies not only to shidduchim, but business partnerships, chavrusas, purchase of a home and all events in your life.

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