May 26, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, The Land of Israel

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Sefer Yom Leyom, The Land of Israel

1. Living or connecting to the land of Israel is beneficial to overcoming any type of tyva, physical desire.
2. The land of Israel draws fear of Hashem into a persons heart.
3. It is possible to connect to the holiness of Israel while outside Her.
4. Torah study while living in Israel has more fullness and energy in which to carve your soul to be upright.
5. It is a great mitzvah to own land or an apartment in Israel.
6. The more you appreciate the Land of Israel, the greater it will embrace you in return and make you apart of it.
7. People spend less money on material things in Israel as the cravings for them are less.
8. It is very beneficial spiritually to live in one of the four holy cities if possible as they contain special holy elements to open the gates of prayer and Torah. (Jerusalem, Tzfat, Tiberias, Chevron)
9. Try to visit Israel with the intention of self-growth and not to continue in the same way as before.
10. Living in Israel brings a person a greater responsibility to behave in a more holy way.
11. A person who lives outside of Israel in order to spread the light of Torah to those far from her, have a special portion in the land as well.
12. The lands outside of Israel are filled with emptiness.
13. Just like prayer in Jerusalem has much more power then most prayers said elsewhere, Torah study in Jerusalem also has remarkable strength to purify.
14. Helping people who live in Israel, gives you a portion of Israel as well.
15. A person should always strive to come to Israel, physically or spiritually.
16. Since a person is wherever there thoughts are, place your thoughts in the holiness of Israel and allow Her to cleanse you.
17. If you live in Israel, then you must strive to appreciate this blessing every day as it is with great merit to be invited by Hashem to be here.
18. It is possible to live in Israel but have your heart living elsewhere.

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