May 26, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Worldly Pleasures

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Worldly Pleasures

1. Material things only provide a person with temporary enjoyment.
2. If you don’t look at something, you won’t have desires for it.
3. Too much craving of worldly things leads to depression or sin.
4. Worldly pleasures are usually forgotten about soon after, whereas holy pleasures are recalled and cherished a long time.
5. People think that something material will fix there problems but more often, it doesn’t help.
6. Once you buy something materialistic, you will wish you have an upgrade to something even better because there is no quenching of satisfaction from gashmius. You just will crave more and more.
7. Unless you really need something, don’t buy it.
8. Try not to get lost in desires as its hard to find your way back from them.
9. Be happy in Hashem and your family, not in your possessions.
10. Many times items just end up in a box in storage or broken as they don’t really provide pleasure as first thought.
11. Vacations are not always as pleasant as planned. This is because they are usually more expensive then originally calculated, the living arrangements are noisy or not comfortable, your not familiar with you surroundings so you get lost or feel uncomfortable, they are very tiring and many unexpected things seem to simply happen to rune your vacation.
12. Worldly pleasures are there to distract us from the Study of Torah.
13. It is bad enough that you crave worldly things, don’t encourage friends to do so as well.
14. This world is only temporary and you can’t take worldly possessions with you.
15. The more worldly things you possess and are involved with, the less time you have to meditate and think about what’s really important.
16. If you can’t stop thinking about some worldly pleasure you desire, chances are that this thing will also drive you away from Hashem once you pursue it.
17. If you can’t share some worldly pleasure with another person to benefit therefrom along with you, what good is it?
18. Life is too short to worry about enjoying pleasures that are not everlasting also in the world to come.

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