May 25, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, The Soul

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Sefer Yom Leyom, The Soul

1. The soul of every Jew is very holy and yearns to be connected to Hashem.
2. Just as for your body you visit a doctor when you sick; should your soul feel sick, you must visit the Tzaddik to repair it.
3. All your soul expects from you is that you give 100% effort in coming close to Hashem. Obviously, it understands the hardships of this world and how it can distance you from re-uniting it to Hashem.
4. Be careful to immerse in the mikvah every 3 days are your soul will feel security if you do this.
5. It is important to leave a wash basin near your bed at night as your soul feels pain if it isn’t nearby.
6. Attach your soul to a Tzaddik by concentrating on some Sefirah he might be connected too and then elevate in your mind that you and him are climbing from this place up the Sefiros to Binah where you will both be elevated.
7. Mediated that your binding your soul to the Shechinah from time to time.
8. All the soul desires is to reattach to the Heavenly worlds whence it came.
9. When you do a sin, you are torchuring you the Shechinah along with your soul.
10. No matter how many sins you perform, your soul still is attached to a pureness above. That is why you are able to repent.
11. The study of the Torah is the best remedy for the soul as it attaches itself to the Torah for cleansing.
12. People underestimate the power of their own soul and how great it truly is.
13. Every soul has the ability to have holy sparks of the sages attach themselves to them when they perform holy mitzvos with kavanah. These sparks sometimes remain for a few minutes, hours, days or years.
14. A persons soul needs joy.
15. Depression does severe damage to the soul, sometimes it is very hard to repair such damage.
16. Giving a pidyon, visiting the graves of holy Sages or sending someone on your behalf, can revive your soul.
17. Just like the body needs food and water to survive, so too, the soul needs Torah and mitzvos.
18. It is beneficial to have your name written on parchment intertwined with the word neshamah.

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