May 25, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Prayer meditations

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Prayer meditations

1. Prayer said with little kavanah but with concentration of the words will eventually lead to prayer with kavanah.
When you pray, you should feel like your soul almost expired while in devekus.
2. Pray with all your strength, shucking back and forth at first with great passion, once you feel your soul going up towards the Heavens, remain completely still and pray softly.
3. It is more wise to pray for the Shechinah and thereby to include yourself inside the prayer in complete humility, then to pray only with yourself in mind. But there is a time for both ways.
4. Try to pray constantly in the same Synagogue and in the same place when possible.
5. If you understand the difference between the holiness of one name of Hashem vs another in the order of the prayers, you have the ability to change events in the world.
6. Imagine yourself while saying Amen and Yehey Shemay Rabbah that you are in the lowest place of the world, completely humble and small. Have in mind every Jewish soul in this world, and those that past on that everyone should be elevated before Hashem.
7. People underestimate the power of the repetition of the amidah. They don’t generally follow it but have their thoughts on other matters. Rather you should think the entire time how the Shechinah is drawing down shefa through the chazans words and your meditations during his prayers. You can accomplish great things for the world in this way.
8. Don’t let noises of others effect your prayers. Bare in mind that you are responsible for their soul and have in your thoughts to elevate this person to higher levels of holiness along with you.
9. People think that praying slowly always means that a person has higher concentration when sometimes this idea could be reversed. Sometimes your so attached to Hashem that the words come forth quickly and gracefully.
10. Attach yourself to each and every letter while you recite them. Think of which part of the 5 areas of the mouth the pronunciation is coming from. Attach yourself to this sound and its placement and through this, you will connect to the root of the letter.
11. Imagine the letters on the page on fire while you recite them and how they ascend in smoke
12. If you don’t believe that Hashem hears your prayers and of your own sincerity saying them, how then can they be elevated?
13. Say as much of the Psalms daily as you can and learn many of them by heart so you can say them randomly.
14. If you are able to reach this level, know to which Sefirah you are addressing during each blessing of the shemona esray. This is done based on the nikudos of the letters. After much practice concentrating on this, you will slowly understand more about how your directing your prayers to Hashem and what midos of Hashem you are connecting too.
15. Asking people to pray for you is helpful as sometimes you need the help of another to get you out from a dark place.
16. Meditate with your tefillin on the compartments and how each one represents a letter in Hashem’s name, YKVK.
17. Just like you pray with words, so too are you able to pray in thoughts through Yichudim. Simple Yichudim you should have in your mind as you walk by the way.
18. Pray to Hashem to be able to improve your abilities and comprehension of prayer.

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