May 23, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Laziness

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Laziness

1. If your going to do something, do it 100% with all your might and focus. Continue to do everything in live in this way and you will be very successful in all that you do.
2. Too much sleep and food makes a person lazy.
3. We have a tendency to pray with laziness, this is because prayer is so powerful that our evil inclination is trying to distract us how tiring it is to recite the words with thought and intention.
4. If your around lazy people often, there laziness will be contagious and pull you into this trait.
5. Be around people that value their time and life, it will be good for your soul and rub off on you.
6. It is important while your young to learn the character trait of brazenness.
7. If you have real intelligence, you won’t waist your life away with laziness.
8. Should you be unclear if your reservations about doing something are pure or just laziness, open up a Torah book and study for a moment and the answer will be more clear.
9. Just as one mitzvah leads to another mitzvah, activeness leads to even more actions.
10. Fight laziness with all your heart as it is something that can lead you to very negative ideals.
11. Tell yourself that you will be lazy in a while from now and when that time comes, remind yourself this once again hoping to set aside laziness for this day.
12. Depression leads to inertia.
13. Even if you don’t generally enjoy some action should you persevere and do it wholeheartedly you will feel good about it just because of your proper work ethics.
14. Success will give you far more enjoyment then the few minutes of goofing off which will soon be forgotten having no real permanent benefit.
15. Encourage and teach others not to be lazy and it will effect you as well to better yourself.
16. Making a new beginning when you feel lazy can help you start a new, positive event in your life.
17. If you start something, commit to finishing it.
18. Exercising is a good hobby to rid yourself of laziness.

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