May 21, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Healing

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Healing

1. A person is generally healed at the predestined time from Heaven that he should recover.
2. Giving charity improves your health.
3. A person could be sick because they must increase their fear of Hashem and recognition of Him.
4. Pray for others who are similarly sick and you will recover quicker along with them.
5. The Shechinah is sick and in pain along with a person who is ill as She remains along side the bed of the ill person. So why should we pray for them when we should be happy the Shechinah is there along side them? Because should they recover, the Shechinah will remain with them and they will both be elevated together.
6. Pills have healing power only because of the action of taking them, not just because of the ingredients. As we know, the wrong medicine can make a person much worse. Only Hashem along with your kavanah of accepting him through this treatment, can it actually work.
7. If your going to go to a doctor, at the very least go only to the best.
8. Just as the doctor has been given the ability to heal, so too he has been given the power to do damage. Therefore, trust in him only as an agent and nothing more.
9. Some doctors have been blessed with a special connection to healing. They worked very hard for this ability and there are rare to find.
10. Just because a doctor healed you miraculously, doesn’t mean you should push your friend to use him. It was preordained you should visit this particular doctor to heal you.
11. If you repent daily for your misdeeds and take good care of your health, there is no reason to be sick.
12. Should your friend be sick, be there for him.
13. Most people stay away from people who are sick and treat them poorly. It is actually these people they should be spending more time with rather then their healthy friends. This is because Hashem too supports the weak and the Shechinah is with them. If you are there for him, in your friends merit, you too can see salvation.
14. If your not well, call out to Hashem all the more as He is certainly more eager to hear your voice or you wouldn’t be stricken with this illness.
15. Some people think that sickness weakens a person when it actually just makes them stronger.
16. Happiness can heal all the bones.
17. Eating slowly and a good diet is the best medicine.
18. Go to the Tzaddik and give him a pidyon just in case your illness is worse then you might have thought. Only the Tzaddik bring about your tikun if your soul is very sick.

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