May 21, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Moshiach

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Moshiach

1. Jews don’t even have to have perfect peace between them, moshiach will come as soon as people at least try and care about getting along with one another.
2. Can you imagine that your in a marathon and thousands of people are waiting for you to reach the finish line but your running the wrong direction or leisurely enjoying breaks along the way.
3. If people really wanted moshach to come, he would be here.
4. Don’t you want to leave this world knowing you did everything you could to usher in the redemption for your descendants.
5. All of us worry about our children and care for them with all our hearts but we should also provide our families not just with material life insurance but an everlasting one.
6. If only people realized the power of even one Jewish soul in bringing the redemption. There is no such thing as just an ordinary Jewish soul.
7. Moshiachs arrival is much more imminent then we realize. Because we can feel him so close, the last waiting period feels like forever.
8. Hasten moshiachs arrival with more good deeds to others.
9. Though studying about the mesianic times, you become part of the actual redemption itself.
10. Torah study with the intention of true change and actual practice is what draws moshiach closer.
11. A person of true faith has to believe in moshiach.
12. As my father z’l used to say, does it matter if the Moshiach comes on a Friday or a Shabbos? If he comes first from the north or the south? Let him just come anywhere and anytime.
13. Like for most things in yiddishkite, it is best to take the middle path when it comes to moshiach. Believe in his imminent arrival, prepare yourself with the learning of karbonos and the laws of the mesinanic times yet try to give over mesianic teachings gently as people won’t listen through force.
14. Telling over stories and Torah’s from the messianic times inspires a person to have faith.
15. If you want to bring moshiach, remove all hate from your heart.
16. Torah study at midnight and the recital of tikkun chatzos are the best tikunim a person can do to usher in the messianic times.
17. If someone you know is reciting tikkun chatzos and studying Torah at midnight, know that this person has a portion in the final redemption and do everything you can to help this person. Even if it means through charity or bringing him meals.
18. Those who arise for chatzos to do avodas Hashem have a special power to bless others as they are connected to the roots of shefa and the moshiach himself.

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