May 20, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Peace

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Peace

1. If you don’t have inner peace, how can you have peace with the world and its inhabitants.
2. When you pursue a peaceful relationship with others, you find more peace in your own heart.
3. When you don’t owe others money, you feel more at peace.
4. The most important peace to have is with your family.
5. Sometimes its worth loosing money not to have an argument.
6. Having peace doesn’t mean you have to let everyone take advantage of you.
7. The Shechinah goes away from places that filled with anger, rage and hate.
8. Sometimes peace can be bought, however that may not be a true peace that lasts.
9. Giving charity blesses you with peace in your life.
10. Run far away from situations that might lead you to controversy.
11. There are usually more peaceful ways of dealing with situations.
12. Stay away from people that are always getting into conflicts.
13. When you dwell on situations, they become more heavier then they would be if you just chose to ignore them.
14. If you increase your time studying the Torah, peace will also increase in your life.
15. Should you not be judgmental against others, you will find much more peace with yourself and your surroundings.
16. Joy leads to peace.
17. If you respect or love someone, you will try harder to make peace with them.
18. Should you try and its impossible to have peace with someone, ask others to intervene on your behalf as maybe they can find a way.

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