August 30, 2013

Meeting Strangers for a purpose

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I was sitting at the Kotel and a man asked me if its okay to smoke there. I said at first I am not sure and another person said, its not proper. When the other person left, I leaned over to him and told him. I answered you different because I see things in gray shades, how do i know if your smoke is not holier then the person there praying with a book. The offerings in the temple went to Heaven in smoke. He then trusted me with his secret. He came all the way from Tiberias today to pray because the doctors don’t know how to help him. He is an egged bus driver and he suddenly is blind in one eye. I told him, It is from Hashem we met, I took out my phone list and gave him a phone number of someone who will get him to the best Doctor in all of Israel who hopefully with Hashem’s help will heal his eye. (This is what happens when people travel all day, we feel more open to talk to strangers and with this, we open each others hearts and see how we are all connected.)

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