April 26, 2016

Chol Hamoed, should i go out and play

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Look, you can go out and have fun but put in 3 hours of Torah study the night before and bring a sefer and MP3 Torah shir as you go. I spent chol hamoed once with Rav Belski son (with another friend)… he had a sefer open 90% of the time we were at the kenneret…

Why does it first say when you sit by your house and afterwards when go on your way… (these words should be in your thoughts)… because once you know how to study Torah in your home or bais medresh… then it’s the same for you when you go outside.

And if it’s not this way for you… then like the Pnei Moshe (commentary on jerushalmi talmud, not me) explains it would be better for you to not travel around all chol hamoed

April 21, 2016

Just sing your personal song

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A frog is a simple amphibian that basically hunts for bugs & leaps around yet if you ever heard a frog sing, it can be so loud. The temperature can dictate the strength, pitch and carry of its call. Just like the little frog can make so much noise and make itself heard, so too a person, if they find the right temperature in the nature of their midos, character traits, they can call out and be heard by there fellow Jews. Someone small can make a lot of noise, they can change the world, they just have to call out with the voice, their inner voice which they must first find, and then share that with the world. Each of us have been given our own sound, it is musical & beautiful… when we find balance (temperature) in our life, it shines forth to others. We each have a unique call that must be heard. What is a frogs call?

“Blessed is His Honorable Name of Kingship forever and ever.” (Perek Shira)

Sometimes we are taught to say this passage loudly & other times quietly. Part of understanding your personal call is understanding how to make a kiddush Hashem with everything you do. Knowing when to say something and when to be quiet. We find in the medrash, when Hashem wanted to kill a person in Eiver HaYarden with a scorpion who couldn’t swin across the Yarden, the frog carried the dangerous scorpion across without worrying that the scorpion will bite him. When your connected to
“Blessed is His Honorable Name of Kingship forever and ever.” You don’t need to contemplate or worry about all the scorpions in your life. All you wish is to carry out the will of Hashem and to spread His name to the world, with your voice, your song… you become One with your creator and the Torah. The frog doesn’t run. He makes himself readily available to fulfill the Tzivui Hashem.

In Egypt we wanted to run as fast as we could out of that place but Hashem said no, wait… take the gold, silver and jewels of the Egyptians with you. My friends, we have to stop running all the time. The frog, he just sits there and he sings in his unique voice. Stop running from your beautiful soul. Your like a frog, your not perfect, your slimy and gewy but you know what, its okay… Just sing your personal song and that is where you will find happiness and Hashem…. (Written today… blessings my friends)….