May 14, 2015

Importance of studying in order

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A friend who is a Talmud Chachaim said to me yesterday… I wish i could do it all over, I would learn Tanach, Mishnah, then Talmud… the system messed me up. I can’t tell you how important it is to learn Torah in order. It builds structure to your learning. When i was around 23 I finished Zohar and my Rabbi (Hornotyple Rebbe) told me, your doing it all wrong, First Tanach, Then Mishnah, Then Talmuld and then Kabbalah. He saved me by telling me this… But now if you attend a kollel, they don’t let you just learn what you want so you can’t start over and fix what you missed as you have no time… but for us not stuck in the system… we can do it right! So if you can, study in order and build yourself a base. You won’t regret it!

May 8, 2015

The Secret Ketoris

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The Malas Ashan was the secret ingredient in the Ketoris, spice offered to Hashem in the Temple every morning & afternoon. It was a secret ingredient that one family kept private between them. It allowed the smoke arising from the offering to go straight up to Heaven in a perfect vertical line & made the offering pleasing to Hashem. It says in Talmud Jerushalmi, Yoma, that if sweet honey were to be added to the Ketoris, the world would not be able to tolerate the sweetness of the Ketoris. Twice daily we have the opportunity to offer this very same offering to Hashem in our heart felt prayers before Pesukay Dezimra and before Ashrai at Mincha prayers. We may not have the secret Malas Ashan but we have the sincerity of our heartfelt prayers to Hashem which replace this special spice. The Ketoris was the first offering every morning… it opened the gates for the Tamid & the lighting of the menorah that followed. It too can open up gates of Heaven for you so do not take this prayer lightly. It’s power is to sweeten your entire life, the same as its aroma once filled the Hillsides of Jerusalem for miles and miles every morning. If you close your eyes, you too can smell it even today as the Malas Ashan because Chazal has taught us that the Karbonos, offerings on the holy Alter have now been replaced by our heartfelt prayers… so if you don’t know what to do, recite the holy Ketoris with all the love in your heart and the gates shall open to you.