February 25, 2011

From kiruv to Business and then back

Filed under: Day by Day — Reb Moshe @ 2:40 am

A personal look into my life this last year: I found my refrigerator empty and owing a lot of money after years of focusing on torah and kiruv. I turned myself into a successful businessman, something unfathomable considering how I used to dislike business. I gave half my successful company away for free on condition that it would be understood my partner would let me learn full time once the business settled down & became stable again. It has not reached that point but as you can see, even as a businessman, I gave my entire life for Torah but for now 80 hours a week until the business becomes stable for me to leave it. I also took a pay cut to make this happen and only make half what i used too. But I believe Hashem has a plan and knows my desire to study and teach torah.