November 26, 2010

Editing sefarim

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We just got done my sefer, Glimpse of light and it is ready for publishing. We are now finishing the edit of my main book, Kavanos Halev. I’m not sure where I will get these published or if I will publish them myself.

November 10, 2010

Deep Relections after the Rebbes Visit

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My day with The Rebbe & Chassidim cont.. I feel like a speeding train came through Tzfat & I jumped on board while it was still moving. It was filled with all sorts of treasures. I took some in my pockets & I jumped off the train while it was still racing forward. Then I started to look through at what I grabbed. I wondered if I had time to really go through it & if I had the knowledge to really identify these artifacts. And what would I do with them…

The Nikolsburg Rebbe visited Tzfat Today

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I spent the afternoon with the Nikolsburg Rebbe, his sons and chassidim. Tzfat is known to have the cleanest, holiest air in all the world and being with the holy Tzaddik today made the air of Tzfat even fresher to me. I hadn’t seen my holy Rav in 6 years and it was an experience that had me speechless through most of the afternoon.