December 25, 2009

Sefer Yom LeYom Children

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Sefer Yom LeYom Children
1. We always underestmiate a childs ability to comprehend. We should soak their minds each day with knowledge & faith.
2. When children speak we should listen. We learn this from Hashem who listens to all his childrens prayers, speech and concerns.
3. The world would be a different place if only parents would have listened & given more attention to their children.
4. The entire world is held up by the Torah study of Children, so says the Talmud. Well then, we have to hold up the children & get involved in activities to help them.
5. We always blame the worlds influences on effecting our childrens well being and perspective. But don’t they simply miror their parents?
6. Lets be a better example. Children are so holy that they don’t have to see us doing bad, they just feel it.
7. We have to take upon ourselves the simplness of being like a child to his Father in Heaven.
8. A child will do amost anything for a piece of candy. Hashem has a storehouse filled with treats for adults, they simply have to follow His commandments.
9. You know why children don’t have long attention spans, because their parents don’t either.
10. A parent should always be one step ahead of their children.
11. A child’s Rebbe impacts his or her life forever.
12. Most chinuch is learned at home. Parents are the main teacher for their children.
13. The most important thing to teach children is love of DOING the actual commandments. This is taught completely by a parents pureness of heart while performing commandments infront of their kids.
14. If ones children are happy, their parent’s parnasa increases 10 fold.
15. It is very important that children are taught to wash their hands.
16. The more toys a child has to play with, the less they learn to appreciate things.
17. If you want to connect to high spiritual levels, surround yourself with children.
18. If you can’t appreciate children, what can you appreciate?