October 18, 2009

Save us Hashem

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The talmud says, when you give charity to someone, you have to support then in the level they are used too. If a currently poor man was used to lean meat, then we should collect charity to give him this. In the same way, one could say that our generation is spoiled & shouldn’t complain when previously, others worked in sweat shops but we are like poor rich men who cannot live with the current economic restrictions, therefore, we ask Hashem to answer now & provide us with what we are used to. How can we study Torah like this?

We are not the generation strong enough to eat bread with water. We shouldn’t have to prove that we are. In the times of Moshiach, our test of just keeping shabbos, kosher & prayer is enough. Hashem should see this and have mercy. There are thousands & thousands of soldiers in Hashem’s army fighting every day to glorify His name. The spiritual … Read Morechassidim, the strong litvachs, the fighting baal teshuvah. Hashem’s army is the greatest in the world, now we just ask He feeds them & shelters them. Nobody should have to worry every day if their home will be foreclosed & if they can feed their children tomorrow. It is enough already that our Rabbis, Rebbes have created such an willing army in our generation to sacrifice their being for Torah. Now we must turn and ask that all our people have provisions to continue!


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May Hashem add 3 years to all of our lives for the stress and anxiety we have endured during this recession. It says that there will come a time when there won’t be a famine for bread or water but for the words of Torah. THIS YEAR WE HAVE BOTH! …May Hashem see it is enough & answer the cries of His people and the world providing jobs, money with ease so we can quench our thrist for Torah!

October 13, 2009

the Torah whispered to me

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I danced with the torah on the holiday & you know what the Torah whispered to me? “Moshe? where you been”. I said, “working, haven’t you heard about the economic problems?” The Torah responded, “No, I haven’t! If you would have been spending the time with me,you wouldn’t have heard about it either.” In conclusion, there are no excuses for not learning Torah because the Torah is the answer to all problems, all confusions and all troubles.

October 9, 2009

Carlebach on Simchas Torah

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Happy Hoshanah Rabbah blessings

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The final book of life and the new year is sealed today. Today is a moment of reflection and joy. I wish everyone a happy Hoshanah rabbah, shmini atzeres and Simchas Torah. If your able to donate in honor of the holiday, I am praying to start again m…y outreach work after yom tov but we desperately need a new PC to edit Torah videos. ilovetorah donations

May you be sealed in the book of life with much blessing for the new year!

October 2, 2009

On Facebook

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I am mostly on facebook these days as I am so busy. http://facebook.com/ilovetorah

Succah Video

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This is a short version, the full version is on www.torahvideo.com along with other videos for succot. I wish everyone a happy holiday